Through The Wormhole (Or Something About Morgan Freeman)

from by Sir. William



There's a great Black Hole in the center of the Universe pulling everything in
But the force of the Creation is still causing an Inflation till we're drawn in again
And if you don't believe me go and turn on your TV and listen to Morgan Freeman
He's been God three times, you can see it in his eyes between each Illustration

There's two great Black Holes in the center of the Galaxy spinning all of it 'round
And the Plane Manipulation of this Whirling Constellation is naught but a sound
And as much as we've learned 'round this Star we still turn, unable to leave the ground
We are God three times the size of our eye by a Particle that's yet to be found

There's a great Black Hole in the center of our Sun that has yet to be born
Oh, it'll take a Million Years and we probably won't be here to hear that sound of that Horn
But if we're still here with no Bugle to hear will we still be forlorn
There are GODS six times those that are in our mind; We are children of the corn

There's two great Black Holes in the centers of our Eyes that speak more than a Verse
But at much as we Lie the Truth still comes to Light in the form of a Curse
But this Truth from our Birth shall not cap up our Worth if we choose to Converse
We're the GODS of our Eyes, We'll choose what we'll Supply for Better or for Worse


from Psykles of a Sad Boi, released December 21, 2014




Sir. William Ontario

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