Well, I lived down south of the Riverside
Where the waters did pool and the souls did die
But it entered my heart and nearly ate me alive
So, I left that pool 'neath the Riverside

He-e-ey, run away
For that lake must slay
Everyday... Everyday... Everyday!

So, I left on the river where the cars do flow
Screamin', "To the North!" As the wheels did row
But the further I got from that place I called home
Left a strange sense of warmth where once chill to the bone

Well, I'm up north of the stateline; Just to flee from that strife
Yes, I am north of the stateline; Havin' the time of my life
But here north of the stateline Is where we ran aground
Yes, it was north of the stateline; Oh, that's where we heard the sound


from Psykles of a Sad Boi, released December 21, 2014




Sir. William Ontario

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