Come The Sunrise

from by Sir. William



I was falling on the ground when the storm came up through the winter
And you were falling on your crown when the knights came strolling in
Then I cried, "Mother, Father, dear, I will sell my soul come the Yuletide!"
No reply but my lunacy laid bare as the night went rolling on

Come the sunrise, my soul will be laid bare
Match the staff unto the fire
Oh, dear Dana, pull my breath into your heart
Cause I'm caught up in the briar

Oh, I was runnin' through the wood from the flashin' flames, Sirens singing
And you were walkin' down the street in a city I find to be strange
Then I cried, "Father, Sister, can't you hear the song of the Trees in their waving?
Dear Mother, your son has lent his ear to the singing winds of change

Oh, I came runnin' down the street, in city lights Sprites were dancing
And you were nowhere to be found as the snow came rolling in
Then I cried, "Water are you near? Ten miles I've walked, now you're freezing
My heart it beat upon my ear as the dawn came rolling on


from Psykles of a Sad Boi, released December 21, 2014




Sir. William Ontario

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