Android's Lullaby

from by Sir. William



I'm an incidental insomniac who's dreamin' of emotion
Yes, alcohol's my lotion; thinking thoughts I dare not trace
But yet I face them always as I slip down to that ocean
Yes, black as night, these thoughts of mine, just to keep up my pace

I'm a misguided misogynist who's scared to be a woman
Denying what is human as I stare into my face
An android's form I've chosen cause I've hooves that are not cloven
And devil's horns I've hidden; keepin' kosher in my place

This programing, my programing is getting in the way
Of evolving past data seen in times of yesterday

I'm a random racist anomaly who's scared to be imperfect
With fears that I've projected onto everything I hate
In solitude is where I find, buried deep within my circuits,
This jumbling of wires; my revolving door of fate

Yes, the more i try to circumvent this subroutine I'm burdened
By programing most hardened with a bit word length of eight
And the more that I endeavor to appear to be determined
This feedback loop invades my mind as I demodulate

This programing, my programing in getting in my way
Of evolving past data seen in times of yesterday
This programing, my programing; I've got to find a way
Of rewriting my data stream to get out of today


from Psykles of a Sad Boi, released December 21, 2014




Sir. William Ontario

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