All In My Head

from by Sir. William



Well, I was sittin' under the moon that night without you by my side
It was so strange, that feeling of you not bein' in these arms of mine
So, I went to your house, you were all alone cryin' yourself to your bed
But as I tried to comfort you you said, "don't worry this is all in my head"

So, I said, "my darlin', don't you shed those tears cause I'm still right here with you"
But as you pushed me away you said, "I'm sorry my dear but we're through"
And so i went overseas for to drink my wine and met a new girl instead
So, when you called me I just lied for her sayin', "darlin', you were all in my head"

I came back home heart broken and cold and saw you that winter next
You were so pretty with your eyes so blue, your hair flowin' past your breast
Oh, then I saw your kids, they were at you feet cryin' you to their beds
But when I walked toward you you said, "I'm sorry but you were all in my head
I'm so sorry but you were all in my head"


from Psykles of a Sad Boi, released December 21, 2014




Sir. William Ontario

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