Psykles of a Sad Boi

by Sir. William

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This album was meant to be listened to without any further gaps between each track. When burning to CD make sure to check "gap-less recording" or comparable option.


released December 21, 2014



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Sir. William Ontario

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Track Name: Locked Up In My Head
Tomorrow feels so far away; I wonder baby can you stay
Here just a moment with me, gal
But if you choose to leave, my love; Well, at the moment that you're gone
You'll still be locked up in my head

Cause I think about you every other time
That you're not right here in front of my eyes
So, when you say, "I love you, boi!"
You're locked up here for a day or more

Well, your house it feels so far away; I wonder lady when you lay
How do the sheets feel in you bed
Cause my sheets they keep me up all night; And if it weren't for you I'd fright
But you're still locked up in my head

Oh, I wanna see you in the mornin'
When all of yesterday fades away
Oh, just to see you, my sweet darlin'
Will make this but a fond memory
Track Name: The Lake
Well, I lived down south of the Riverside
Where the waters did pool and the souls did die
But it entered my heart and nearly ate me alive
So, I left that pool 'neath the Riverside

He-e-ey, run away
For that lake must slay
Everyday... Everyday... Everyday!

So, I left on the river where the cars do flow
Screamin', "To the North!" As the wheels did row
But the further I got from that place I called home
Left a strange sense of warmth where once chill to the bone

Well, I'm up north of the stateline; Just to flee from that strife
Yes, I am north of the stateline; Havin' the time of my life
But here north of the stateline Is where we ran aground
Yes, it was north of the stateline; Oh, that's where we heard the sound
Track Name: All In My Head
Well, I was sittin' under the moon that night without you by my side
It was so strange, that feeling of you not bein' in these arms of mine
So, I went to your house, you were all alone cryin' yourself to your bed
But as I tried to comfort you you said, "don't worry this is all in my head"

So, I said, "my darlin', don't you shed those tears cause I'm still right here with you"
But as you pushed me away you said, "I'm sorry my dear but we're through"
And so i went overseas for to drink my wine and met a new girl instead
So, when you called me I just lied for her sayin', "darlin', you were all in my head"

I came back home heart broken and cold and saw you that winter next
You were so pretty with your eyes so blue, your hair flowin' past your breast
Oh, then I saw your kids, they were at you feet cryin' you to their beds
But when I walked toward you you said, "I'm sorry but you were all in my head
I'm so sorry but you were all in my head"
Track Name: Christian Side-Boob
I am a slut, a slut for Jesus
And I will save these demons with my teases
Yes, my temple is a cunt that pleases
I am a slut, a slut for Jesus

I am so righteous, righteous for Christ
I'll give my body for naught a price
I'll heal your gay, oh, ain't that nice
Cause I am righteous, so righteous for Christ

There are no sins here in my bust
This is my mission, it's love not lust
I'm savin' sinners and you should trust
That there are no sins here in my bust

I am a slut, a slut for Jesus
And I will save these demons with my teases
Yes, my temple is a cunt that pleases
I am a slut, a slut for Jesus

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are gray
And you should know, dear, how much I love you
So, please don't take my sunshine away
No, please don't take my sunshine away
Track Name: Are We Robots?!
As we marched among spinning light we were shorn
There we heard the sound of suppression was sworn
The standards of oppression gave way to their aggression in the end
By force we were spread thin to make sure none was heard 'roung the bend

Are we Robots? Is this all that there is to life
Will they control us, move us as pawns out in their strife?
These are the reasons we can't believe
That those pigs want whats best for We
And I can't stand there and let them take as they'd like

Shepherd's shacklin' sheep with Kumbayas and let-it-be's were spoke
A cop for every five as they barred us from the blood and the chokes
In school I was wired in their circuit to mend the fire in their coals
Where everything is certain and you'd rather not burden their goals
Track Name: Here We Go Again
Children can't come out to play, Columbine is here to stay
Oh no, here we go again
And some may blame the internet and call for a new censorship
Oh no, here we go again
And some may blame the NRA and vote some more rights away
Oh no, here we go again
And this is how they rule our lives, a game of thrones for all to try
Oh no, here we go again and...

Again into the pen; some signature from senator
Will cause us to fall to our
Knees and ask, "kindly, please! Don't brand me as a terrorist
My parent said you represent
Me. So, thusly I plea... Just lock me up toss the key
And put away that damned
Guillotine. I'll give you my Spleen
Or my frontal lobe if it please you, sir.
I promise not to remember...

Children to their cells at last, lock and guard till all is past
Oh no, here we go again
And keep them under lock and key, keep them scared so they can't see
Oh no, here we go again
Then as freshman we'll enlist them to fight for country, God, and system
Oh no, here we go again
But answer this, tell me the truth, How is this not Hitler Youth?
Oh no, here we go again and..
Track Name: Through The Wormhole (Or Something About Morgan Freeman)
There's a great Black Hole in the center of the Universe pulling everything in
But the force of the Creation is still causing an Inflation till we're drawn in again
And if you don't believe me go and turn on your TV and listen to Morgan Freeman
He's been God three times, you can see it in his eyes between each Illustration

There's two great Black Holes in the center of the Galaxy spinning all of it 'round
And the Plane Manipulation of this Whirling Constellation is naught but a sound
And as much as we've learned 'round this Star we still turn, unable to leave the ground
We are God three times the size of our eye by a Particle that's yet to be found

There's a great Black Hole in the center of our Sun that has yet to be born
Oh, it'll take a Million Years and we probably won't be here to hear that sound of that Horn
But if we're still here with no Bugle to hear will we still be forlorn
There are GODS six times those that are in our mind; We are children of the corn

There's two great Black Holes in the centers of our Eyes that speak more than a Verse
But at much as we Lie the Truth still comes to Light in the form of a Curse
But this Truth from our Birth shall not cap up our Worth if we choose to Converse
We're the GODS of our Eyes, We'll choose what we'll Supply for Better or for Worse
Track Name: Come The Sunrise
I was falling on the ground when the storm came up through the winter
And you were falling on your crown when the knights came strolling in
Then I cried, "Mother, Father, dear, I will sell my soul come the Yuletide!"
No reply but my lunacy laid bare as the night went rolling on

Come the sunrise, my soul will be laid bare
Match the staff unto the fire
Oh, dear Dana, pull my breath into your heart
Cause I'm caught up in the briar

Oh, I was runnin' through the wood from the flashin' flames, Sirens singing
And you were walkin' down the street in a city I find to be strange
Then I cried, "Father, Sister, can't you hear the song of the Trees in their waving?
Dear Mother, your son has lent his ear to the singing winds of change

Oh, I came runnin' down the street, in city lights Sprites were dancing
And you were nowhere to be found as the snow came rolling in
Then I cried, "Water are you near? Ten miles I've walked, now you're freezing
My heart it beat upon my ear as the dawn came rolling on
Track Name: My Heart Will Surely Mend
Oh, since you have gone away I just can't find the words to say
I've been searchin' for so long but now you're gone
And though it comes as no surprise, I miss looking into your eyes
My heart's been aching for so long now that you're gone

Rain's falling down now, Summer has gone away
Since we gave up the Winter has come to stay
But I still have hope that the Sun will rise again
As this Moon wanes slowly my heart will surely mend

Oh, since you have gone away I've been workin' so hard to stay
Out of my head cause there you run though we are done
And as I'm turnin' in my bed my eyes draw thunder clouds instead
Of cloudless skies with our Black Sun cause now we're done
Track Name: Android's Lullaby
I'm an incidental insomniac who's dreamin' of emotion
Yes, alcohol's my lotion; thinking thoughts I dare not trace
But yet I face them always as I slip down to that ocean
Yes, black as night, these thoughts of mine, just to keep up my pace

I'm a misguided misogynist who's scared to be a woman
Denying what is human as I stare into my face
An android's form I've chosen cause I've hooves that are not cloven
And devil's horns I've hidden; keepin' kosher in my place

This programing, my programing is getting in the way
Of evolving past data seen in times of yesterday

I'm a random racist anomaly who's scared to be imperfect
With fears that I've projected onto everything I hate
In solitude is where I find, buried deep within my circuits,
This jumbling of wires; my revolving door of fate

Yes, the more i try to circumvent this subroutine I'm burdened
By programing most hardened with a bit word length of eight
And the more that I endeavor to appear to be determined
This feedback loop invades my mind as I demodulate

This programing, my programing in getting in my way
Of evolving past data seen in times of yesterday
This programing, my programing; I've got to find a way
Of rewriting my data stream to get out of today